Momos Dreaming

March 21st 2016

This weekend has been a special one for me. I got a taste of what the near future might look like having two events on the same weekend. It was even more special when I was asked to come and take photos at a baby shower for my niece Monica. Oh sure, I made a big fuss about going to do a party which is usually planned for women alone. The truth is that I deep inside I was looking forward to be a part of another special moment in Monicas life. Those that know me well, know that Momo (which is what we call her) and I have a very special relationship. I have been fortunate enough to see this young woman grow up through the years and develop into an amazing woman and one that I can say I am so very proud of. Proud of who she has become and proud of all the things she has accomplished at such a young age. I was asked to do a photo booth type shoot, which was nice because I got to hang out and mingle without having my camera in hand all afternoon. Stephanie, who spent an incredible amount of time planning the event, took some time and put together some small props for the booth. The experience leaves me anxious to expand that service for future events in which I will bring in more props and possibly a variety of backdrops. In the end, it turned out to be a great weekend of events and photography.

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