April 18th 2016

When I decided I was going to get serious about photography, I never imagined what it would actually feel like to be in certain sessions. I told myself that I just wanted to take beautiful pictures of places and people, it sounded easy enough. As I grow, I try to take the opportunity to do as many different types of shoots as possible and hope I don't screw anything up. Well, Isabella was one that I will never forget and that I took so much pleasure in doing. You see, Isabella is my nephews daughter. Bella, which means beautiful, is a very special little girl and the first of a new generation in our family. As you will see in some of these photos, she's so adorable and it was easy to capture her personality in her First Birthday Cake Smash shoot. It was pretty easy, since Bella was posing for her favorite uncle to take photographs of her (that would be me). Most photographers would probably have some issues grabbing a 1 year olds attention, all I had to do was get out from behind the camera and just be "Tio". We sat her down without the cake, hoping we could grab a few shots of her before she got ahold of it, she went for the balloons instead. When she decided the balloons were no longer entertaining her, we put the cake in front of her. To our delight, it took very little instruction to get her to dig into that cake. The photos tell the rest of the story. I was very happy with the photos we got to take, I look forward to doing the same for every birthday of hers I get to be around for. You can see more photos of Isabella on our Facebook page a we will feature some of her photos her on

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