June 12th 2016

I have to admit I was a bit nervous going into todays photo shoot. Taking photos of a toddler is one thing, but taking photos of a 3 week old baby is a whole different ballgame. The biggest thing I learned today, is that I better set an entire afternoon aside for these shoots in the future. I had also been wanting to make up for not being able to get maternity photos of one of my closest nieces Monica and Enzos father Joseph. We ran into bad weather on our photo shoot day and ended up with a fail on the lighting and even some rain. Going into todays shoot we started out with a hungry Enzo, but once he got some food in his belly, he was ready to go. This little one was a trooper, just like his momma on the day and the day before he was born. He laid there and let his uncle stick a camera in his face all afternoon. These newborn photo shoots are more like marathons than a session. Now I know why most photographers only get a handful of shots when doing these types of shoots. Luckily, I was with family and we had all day to shoot as we pleased. That is if Enzo would let us of course. I gotta say I was extremely happy with the results and I believe this was one of the shoots that I can seriously say I walked away with a ton of hands on knowledge from. I really want to thank Stephanie for not only finding some beautiful throws for Enzo to lay on, but she was great with getting Enzo in the right positions and assisting with lighting as well. Thank you love.......Like usual, this is only a sample of todays shoot and most of you know you have to follow me on my Facebook page in order to see more of these photos in the upcoming days. We were able to get a few family photos in as well, so make sure you visit our page to see those.

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